Can You Believe Bob Marley Never Had a Top Billboard Hit While He Was Alive

Bob Marley

While Bob Marley and the Wailers made regular appearances on the top singles charts in the United Kingdom, the biggest hit the reggae legend had in the United States during his lifetime ranked Number 51: “Roots, Rock, Reggae.” His son Ziggy Marley ranked higher with “Tomorrow People,” which reached Number 39. After his death, Bob Marley tunes became standards on radio stations that played “greatest hits” worldwide, but in the U.S., his music still plays chiefly on alternative stations.

Marley’s “Legend” album cracked the Billboard at the No. 5 spot in September 2014. “Legend” is the greatest hits by Bob Marley and the Wailers. It’s the highest spot ever for a Bob Marley album. The 30-year-old “Legend” album has sold over 15 million copies over the years, but it only reached No. 54 when it was released in May 1984.

Marley was diagnosed with a type of malignant melanoma in 1977 and died on 11 May 1981 in Miami at the age of 36.

Roots, Rock, Reggae.”

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