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The Bolt Effect ©

1+2+3 = Clean Sweep, and, a new Mathematical principle: “The Bolt Effect” © .

Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake, and Warren Weir take Gold, Silver and Bronze, respectively, in the 2012 London Olympic 200 meter finals, to the jubilation of an entire world that watched, and listened, with awe, at this astounding race.

This day celebrates the great sportsmanship and achievements of an entire nation … with dignity and graciousness as a member of the great nations and peoples of our world.

Well done!! We watched you young men train; we observed you coaches’ dedication and patience;  we understood the sacrifices, discipline and focus that you embraced to realize your dreams, and of raising the vibrations of the Island nation state of Jamaica by your professionalism.  We laughed with you in your fun ways of being vibrant young men. We have watched you through the years giving back to your communities for the enrichment of those who needed your support, materially, emotionally and, spiritually and, you have been so loving and generous in these ways.

This history making day – 1, 2, and 3 – is not just about sports and the immense achievements of three devoted young men, their coach, and all who have supported them through the years. It is also about a Nation state standing in its innate truth, strength and wisdom and knowing for sure – as a beacon of Light in the world – that we all have the capability and strength within us to stand in our own truths, and be abundantly enriched. These young men made the decision, with faith, to stay in their Island nation, and harness the best training and nurturing possible of body, mind and spirit. Here is the evidence, and the blessings, of it ALL.

Today, Jamaica stands tall, gracious, dignified and honorable in the eyes of our young people, our entire nation, and a world of others. We have a responsibility to honor this moment in time. Our young people are experiencing a heightened sense of self, and the awareness of the limitless potential in all of our lives – and, globally. Therefore, let our thoughts and actions in these moments, also be a guiding light, toward the best of all possibilities … by our example.

We are able to embrace these moments in time with honor and gentle dignity, and respect for ALL, including those who might not have been as kind to us in the past. Let us lead by our finest examples of graciousness, dignity, compassion, and love. The past is behind us, and a lightning bright future ahead, as we harness the very best of these moments. We are a dignified nation state. Let us, especially, on this day, honor our talented and devoted sportsmen and women; their coaches, families, friends, and fans … as we hold the Jamaican flag high, and in dignity, as humble and honorable people, respecting all people, with the light of great sportsmanship. One Love.

© Suzanne Haik-Hynes

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