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Book Review – Being a Corporate Wife in Taiwan

In the United States, Diana Walsh enjoyed her career and financial independence. When her husband relocated to Taiwan, she decided to settle with him in the far-away Asian country. What happens to an independent woman who suddenly finds herself without a job in a country whose language she doesn’t know? In Corporate Handbag: The Adaptable and Companionable Corporate Mate we are taken into the real-life travails of Diana Walsh as she adjusts to the corporate-wife lifestyle abroad.

Executives lug with them corporate handbags containing much needed documents and gadgets such as phones, PDAs, and laptops, among others. A corporate wife likewise needs to be an asset to her husband, and Walsh tells readers how she made herself one. Corporate Handbag comprehensively deals with the important issues and factors that will affect a couple relocating abroad, particularly in Taiwan—cultural differences and shock, marital crisis, etiquettes and customs in social occasions and in business. Diana didn’t even know how to get food. But later on she developed new friendships with fellow foreigners and locals. Living in Taiwan became an exciting and fulfilling experience.

Corporate Handbag, more than a guidebook for corporate couples and especially the wives, is an eye-opening book on a foreign culture and contributes to the understanding of the Taiwanese culture.

Jamaican born, Diana Smith Walsh is a leading expert in cross-cultural training and development with over thirteen years of experience working with cross-cultural groups in the area of business development, negotiation, communication, and socialization.

She holds a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Rochester, Simon School of Business Administration Rochester, New York, a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Pace University in New York, and is currently working on several multi-cultural training manual, while continuing her studies Chinese and Taiwanese culture in Taiwan. She has a working knowledge of Chinese.

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