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Book Review: Delbert And The Ginnal Woman

About the Book
A story of an illiterate young man who lived in abject poverty until he befriends a German tourist in Jamaica. Together they accidentally discover a large fortune. The book tells how Delbert and his friend use their new wealth to help many Rastafarians who become their friends, and how Delbert gets his unique revenge for an injustice by a wealthy woman who tried to destroy him and his relationship with the young woman he loves.


Paul Foreman’s book – Delbert and the Ginnal Woman – centers on friendship and loyalty while deftly weaving a battle between street-smarts and determination versus education and wealth shown by the characters in the book’s title. With his use of the Jamaican patois and humor, the author entertains his readers as he takes them on a journey of one-upmanship. – By Karol Jobson, Atlanta

Another Remarkable Tale-  In his second novel, Delbert And The Ginnal Woman, Paul Foreman again deals with the theme of revenge and again we are treated to the mosaic that is Jamaica. The characters span the social classes from dirt poor Delbert, who lives rough near Negril to the owner of a large estate on the north coast. We are treated to an interesting glimpse into the lives of the Rastafarians and their gentle culture.
The author makes more extensive use of Jamaican patois in this novel and has provided a glossary but I found I rarely had to refer to it. As with his first book, Paul Foreman has given us a great tale rich with authentic detail of life in Jamaica. – By Allan Avid Reader, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

About the Author
Paul Foreman was born in Jamaica, and graduated from St. George’s College in Kingston. He received his BS, MS and PhD degrees in the biological sciences from the University of Illinois. After completing his studies, Paul served on the faculty of Life Sciences at Eastern Illinois University for five years, following which he worked in private industry for thirty years.

Paul was a member of the St. George’s College Manning Cup and Oliver Shield championship soccer team in 1956. As a sixth former, Paul won the high jump and long jump at Jamaica’s Inter-Secondary schools athletics championships (“Champs”) in 1957, and set a Jamaican schoolboy record in the high jump that year. He broke the Jamaican record in the long jump formerly held by Arthur Wint in 1957, and in 1958 he won the gold medal for Jamaica in the long jump at the British Empire & Commonwealth Games in Cardiff, Wales. In 1960, Paul represented the West Indies at the Olympic Games in Rome where he finished 12th in the long jump event. He was the silver medalist in the long jump at the West African Games in Lagos, Nigeria in 1960. Paul was the captain of the University of Illinois Track & Field team in 1960, and was a three-time gold medalist in the long jump at the Big Ten Universities Athletic Conference championships.

Paul has been a keen observer of the social conditions in Jamaica for much of his life, and his interest in the lifestyles of the rich and poor in Jamaica and other Caribbean islands prompted him to write “Sometimes There’s A Winner”, a fictional family saga inspired by some events which occurred in Jamaica in the 1990s.

Paul holds both Jamaican and US citizenship, and lives with his wife in Louisville, Kentucky.

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