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Book Review: No Pit Too Deep

About the Book:
This novel, though not based on actual events, depicts real life experiences. It is the hard-hitting, graphic story of Julienne, a young girl who experiences rejection, sexual abuse and the consequences of her choices. Her journey takes her on a downward spiral, deep into a pit of pain, hatred, and bitterness. Through all of this, God’s hand is evident in her life, though at first she does not recognize this. She eventually cries out to Him in desperation and reaches for His hand to help pull her out of the pit. But, is Julienne already in too deep? Can the hand of God now rescue her from the depths of despair and hopelessness?  Will there be forgiveness and healing?

This story was written out of my deep concern and the burden I carry for females who experience emotional, physical and or sexual abuse. As a Minister of Religion, I have counselled females over the years and many, too many, who have experienced rejection and abuse at the hands of people they trust. I have seen the devastating effects that rejection and abuse have had on women; but I have also seen many of them experience freedom from these negative effects as a result of coming into a personal relationship with Christ. My hope is that this book will impact girls and women who have experienced and are experiencing abuse, and will give them hope and help them find healing. This book is also intended to help girls make wise choices, no matter how difficult their situation, and to understand the dangers of making certain choices. Above all, it is my hope that this book will help young women who have experienced abuse know that there is ‘NO PIT TOO DEEP’ for God to reach them and that He can make their lives whole. Ultimately, my desire is that persons will come into a relationship with Christ or draw closer to Him because of this book.

Finally, I hope that teenage boys and men will read this book and understand the pain and suffering that girls and women experience from physical, emotional and sexual abuse. This, I trust will bring about a greater level of respect and care for the females in their lives.


No Pit Too Deep is a story for “such a time as this”.  This riveting, realistic and colouful novel touches on the most important emotional, social and economic problems and injustices facing young people in Jamaica today.  Importantly, No Pit Too Deep reflects the problems and challenges facing youth all over the world.  In that regard, No Pit Too Deep is a quintessential novel with very wide relevance and appeal.
In simple, yet beautifully written prose, author Michael McIntosh weaves together the fabric of intergenerational poverty, abuse and neglect into a garment that brings to light those things that are difficult to talk about in the society – teenage pregnancy, abortion, rape, incest, drugs, HIV Aids, prostitution and violence.
Then the author unleashes the punch line.  Victory is secured in the end, only with the help of God, and the main protagonists, Julienne, Marie, Sylvester and Dave acknowledge their sins and all except for Dave give their lives to the Lord.  The climax of the book can only be described as reaching the “crescendo of Christ”!
Truly there is No Pit Too Deep for the healing and restorative power of Jesus Christ.  Michael McIntosh has brilliantly and irrefutably confirmed that point in his captivating novel.
No Pit Too Deep is a “must read” for all.  It is an especially important work for parents, teachers, guidance counsellors, social workers, children’s advocates and administrators.
No Pit Too Deep will keep you spellbound from beginning to end.  It is a life-changing story. -  Betty Ann Blaine, Founder/Convener, New Nation Coalition, Founder, Hear The Children’s Cry, Founder, Youth Opportunities Unlimited

In this novel, No Pit Too Deep the author has used the narrative, story-telling format to effectively highlight the pain and suffering suffered by women who have had to endure sexual abuse.
The plot develops quickly and this, together with the author’s simple, straight-forward style, instantly engages and maintains the reader’s interest, even as the characters’ pain and suffering are explicitly described.
The author has, I believe, brought into sharp focus for the reader the psycho-social effects of all types of abuse (physical emotional and sexual) and the emotional and physical trauma resulting from such abuse. All these are graphically portrayed in Julienne’s story.
Women who have suffered in this way will undoubtedly identify with Julienne and the other characters in the story who have experienced deep emotional pain, deprivation, loneliness, homelessness, sometimes raging anger, rejection and abandonment, shame, guilt and low self-esteem. The stark reality of such emotional and physical trauma propel the characters to make decisions resulting in behaviour they later deeply regret but which they feel helpless to avoid or change. The subjects of rape, lesbianism, abortion, prostitution and drug abuse are all candidly and sensitively treated.
Minister McIntosh has, not surprisingly, ended his narrative with the redemption of Julienne, the main character, whose ultimate decision to accept Christ’s forgiveness and the unconditional love, plus the support of a good friend, radically changes her life. This provides the happy ending readers generally like.
I hope that the target audience, especially our men, will indeed read this book and, having gained new insights into the detrimental and often tragic consequences for women, of abusive behaviour, will be moved to change the way they regard and treat our women.
I believe this is a worthwhile addition to the body of Christian literature available today. – Dr. Barry S Davidson, CEO Family Life Ministries , M.A., PsyD.MFT.

“Michael McIntosh, in this gripping novel, yanks us back to the crude realities of economic and sexual subjugation, giving us a peek into the incurable pain, anguish and bitterness of girls on the margins of life.
His writing is forceful, frenetic and fever pitch. There is no space for boredom and your challenge once you pick up this book is to be able to tear yourself from it. Have something to eat before reading it, for not even the hunger pangs might be able to pull you away. But then again, there is enough in its pages to make your stomach turn on its own…Recommended reading. – Ian Boyne, Journalist (Jamaica Information Service), Communication Executive, Talk show host   

About the Author
Michael Martin McIntosh, born in 1966 in St. Andrew  Jamaica, is an ordained Minister and Evangelist.

Michael’s Ministry involves teaching, preaching,       counselling and as speaker, on issues relating to marriage and family, and sexuality. Michael does volunteer work in schools through the Guidance and Counselling departments. He has a passion for youth and a concern and burden for those who are abused. He is multitalented, including being a professional photographer, musician and now an author. He is married with two children.

It is out of his God given talent, his concern for youth and females who are abused, that Michael was inspired to write this gripping and compelling story “NO PIT TOO DEEP” which tells the story of Julienne, a Jamaican girl whose mother Marie gave birth to her as a teenager after being put out by Miss Clover, her Mother.  Julienne’s life took many tragic and  dramatic turns including abuse and rejection. Follow the gripping life story of Julienne as she falls  into a pit of pain, and despair.  Will she get out of this pit and find the hope and healing she so    desperately needs?

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