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Boston Bay Beach

When traveling, there’s nothing better than finding a place that hasn’t been overrun by tourists. When that place is an island beach, secluded enough for letting your fantasies run wild, yet close enough to major cities and attractions, you’ve found Boston Bay on the eastern coast of Jamaica.

Boston Bay features golden sands and waves crashing on rocky outcrops where visitors enjoy excellent food, wind surfing, and snorkeling. Located near Priestman’s River, Boston Bay offers many opportunities to explore the town. You have a choice of excellent lodging at hotels within a reasonable distance from Boston Bay. The closest hotels include Goblin Hill Villas, 28 rooms, 4.9 miles; Jamaica Palace Hotel, 80 rooms, 5.9 miles; and Christar Villas, 300 rooms, 0.1 mile. A little further afield are Strawberry Hill, 14 rooms, 25.3 miles; Hilton Kingston, 300 rooms, 31.2 miles; Courtleigh Hotel and Suites. 132 miles, 31.4 miles; Jamaica Pegasus, 310 rooms, 31.5 miles

A visit to Boston Bay isn’t complete without one of Jamaica’s famous jerk meals. A dinner at the Blue Mountain Inn is highly recommended. Picnics are especially popular at Boston Beach, and many hotels will pack a picnic lunch for you to enjoy on the sands.  For variety, you can browse the offerings of Boston Bay’s multiple vendors as well. Boston Bay gives tourists a chance to mix with locals, and weekends on the beach frequently feature music performances.

Boston Bay is conveniently located near a number of fascinating natural attractions, including the Athenry Gardens in Port Antonio. Explore the history of Jamaica with a visit to the Lighthouse at Port Antonio, just 7.8 miles west of the beach. Other attractions include Rio Grande Rafting, Somerset Falls, and Blue Mountain-John Crow National Park.

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