The Budget Traveller’s Guide to Exploring Jamaica

Pure white sands, clear blue water – Jamaica is a jewel within the Caribbean ocean that attracts thousands of visitors every year. However, no matter how beautiful Jamaica is, there’s no denying that a destination this beautiful is going to be expensive.

But does it have to be? Despite its fancy clientele, Jamaica’s wealth is not evenly spread between those who live there and those who simply holiday there. Surely that means it’s possible to travel Jamaica on a budget.

The answer is yes, but as with any type of budget travel, travelling Jamaica on the cheap comes with a few stipulations. So forget the fancy resorts, spas and scuba diving – if you’re going to penny pinch you’re going to have to forgo a few of the luxuries, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same relaxation and quality of holiday as those who are shelling out thousands of pounds.

Cheap Accommodation

Most people who visit Jamaica from abroad will stay in an all-inclusive hotel or resort. Although it is possible to find some deals here, this is never going to be your cheapest source of accommodation.


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