Jamaican Food Fight: Callaloo & Saltfish vs Pancakes & Eggs – Guess Who Won?

We asked our facebook fans who would win a Jamaican food fight between Callaloo & Saltfish vs. Pancakes & Eggs. Here are the results and what some of what our fans wrote. Feel free to add your own comments.

Vote count: 
Callaloo & Saltfish -  99%
Pancakes & Eggs  – 1%

Selected Comments:

Natalie – Only if there is whole heap a saltfish in the callaloo.

Karen  -  No competition. Original yaad breakfast

Marlz  – Callaloo & saltfish mi say wid all 5 fry dumpling

Racquel  -  Callaloo & saltfish got my vote.

Ingrid  -  Callalooooooooooo wit fry dumplins or bolied wit green bananna, sweet potatoe…FOOD!…LOL

Janet  – Go wah wi the pan cake Calaloo n salt fish wi si slap wah

Judy  -  That is no competition at all callaloo and saltfish all the way

Sharmen  -  That’s not even a match…lol

Jacqueline  -  Spinach

Dio  -  mi no like pancake …so callalloo all the time!! ital mi seh!!

Prudence  -  Lol can’t decide

Natalie  -  Yaadas!

Yvonne  -  Callaloo & saltfish and roast breadfruit.

Morine  -  callaloo and salfish any time of the day for me, no competition

Ruth  -  I laloo…I yah

Chris  -  Callallo and saltfish all the time.

Rishy  – No comparison lol

Norma  – callalo &saltfish,with boil banana &fried dumplings

Janet  -  Dat is not even a fair question. Lol

Shakira  -  Most def Callaloo and saltfish

Cassandra  -  Callaloo&Saltfish all day

Kasei  – Yum!!!

Sara  – Callaloo

Mario  -  Both it’s a great combination, I’ve made scrambled eggs with Callaloo & saltfish….it’s awesome

Jacqueline  -  Callaloo n Saltfish … Of course !!

Sharon  -  Callaloo and salt fish, the next day we will have pancakes , rofl!!!

Charmaine  -  Callaloo& saltfish st8888

Viv  – dumpling without the callaloo or pancake without the egg, wins for me and I am a Yardie! Mi just nuh like callaloo and mi nuh really like egg neither.

Sharon  – No competition my yard food .

Kerian  -  callaloo and salt fish by far!

Kim  -  Callaloo and Saltfish

Jessica  -  Saltfish!!!!!

Charmaine  -  Do you really have to ask? On Jamaicans.com?

Grace  -  really? no competition – callaloo & saltfish – good stuff!!

Cislyn  – Callaloo amd saltfish any day!

Clinton  – The healthier choice of course callaloo and sallllfish

Nikki  – No contest. Callaloo

Sisdren  – saltfish of course

Sherri  – Callaloo & saltfish of course

Haile  – Callaloo & salt fish every time!!!

Tracey  -  Callallo&saltfish white some fry dumplin

Michelle  – Callaloo& saltfish..mmmm….

Starr  – No competition..callaloo and saltfish wid food all day..

Vernon  – You remind me of Dan Quayle… Lol…

Camille  – Callaloo and saltfish

Marlene  – Callaloo & saltfish everytime!!

DonJa  -  how flour n syrup in competition with callaloo n salt fish?? Dat come dead last any day!

Joanna  -  Callaloo n saltfish 2 bumbart!!!!!

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