Can I backdate my divorce papers in Jamaica?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

I recently found out that I am not divorced from my first husband in Jamaica. I have been filing for my boy since my ex-husband in Jamaica started divorce proceedings. Now that the immigration officer asked me for the proof that my divorce is final, I called back to Jamaica and was told it is not finalised. Is there any way I can have the paperwork (my divorce papers in Jamaica) backdated to an earlier date so that my current marriage will not be threatened.
The lawyer apparently stopped working on the divorce after my ex-husband asked him for time to come up with the rest of the money.
Sue Q living in New York


RESPONSE: Dear Sue Q living in New York,

What you are asking is a legal impossibility and you definitely need to address your situation with much urgency. Please secure an attorney-at-law to assist you as according to our research, you will need to void the current marriage until the first divorce is settled. Until you do you are liable to be arrested for having two husbands at the same time.
All the best!

Legal Wiz


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