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Can I get someone to check my file at Jamaica court?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
About ten years ago, I started to sue a company. I had no more money so the lawyer stopped communicating with me. I know that up till that time the case was still waiting to go to trial. I also know that the company is still in operation. I need to reopen the file if possible and continue the matter for my money. Is there anyway I can get an update on my file as no one answers the court phone. The case is at the Supreme Court.
Andrew Hislop



Dear Andrew,
It would be best if you get someone who is reliable and give them a letter of authorisation to make the checks for you. Of course you will need to supply the information such as who were the parties, the file number and the dates when the matter went to Court. This is something the legal wiz team can assist with so write us an email.

Legal Wiz

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