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Can the son get rid of me out of his mom’s Jamaican house?

QUESTION: Dear Legal wiz,
I was taking care of an old woman since i was 16 years of age. she gave me a power of attorney and also started transfer process to add my name to the title. Just before it was complete she fell ill and her son came to Jamaica. He gave me a notice to leave the premises claiming that I tricked his mother. I found that strange because she said she was giving me the property for the 20 odd years I took care of her. The son gave me a summons to go to court and I threw it away because he is so evil. A couple of months later, a police tells me that I should leave because the son won the case in court. If I must leave, I believe they need to pay me for all the time I spent nursing the old lady. What can I do/ Can you assist? Karen King

DEAR Karen King,
You will need to get assistance in drafting an application to set aside the order. When you file the application, you will get a Court date for a hearing where you can tell the Resident magistrate the reason you did not come to Court, and your defense. You also need to sue for monies for salary. Legal Wiz

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