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Can you help me to find and sue the con artist car salesman in Jamaica?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
My son bought a car from a man in Kingston. He paid the money in two parts, but only got one receipt. Legal Wiz, up till now he has not gotten a car. The vehicle he looked at and decided on buying, the salesman told him was not for sale AFTER he paid his hard earned money. The other vehicle that the man offered him while holding on to his money is a vegetable, at least that’s what his mechanic told him.
He went to the police and the police told him it was a civil matter, even though he thinks the man conned him as the man is now hiding since the police went to the carmart to visit him. Can you assist us. Can we sue the carmart place?
Antuan Hearst
RESPONSE: Dear Mr Hearst
The report you gave was checked out and the police who you referred us to, was contacted by our team. The police informed us that investigations have to be carried out to locate the missing salesman before he can be arrested. 
The suggestion was made for you to begin a lawsuit in the civil court to sue the salesman for the money. You cannot sue the business unless he was a legal representative of the company, and this could be impossible as your receipt bears no information for or about the company which indicates your receipt is for a one-on-one payment.
There are members of our team who can assist you with your lawsuit. Then you can seek to obtain certain orders from the Resident Magistrate that will assist you further. Make sure . 
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