Have you ever realised how much someone can affect your life without them even knowing it? I realised this over the weekend that while someone can be completely oblivious to what they’ve done they have in some way affected you in a way you will never forget.

This Saturday was the Peggy Maclean fashion show in Jamaica. My sister and I decided to go not because we like her designs because we had neer heard of her but because of the star attraction. Shemar Moore from the Young and the Restless would be modelling. Now I am not the type of person that dresses up for anything but you better believe that I dressed up for this show and I was not disappointed. Shemar Moore has to be the best looking man alive. He was funny, sexy and unbelievably good looking. Knowing that he was going to be there my sister and I paid for the reserved seats and we had an unimpeded view of teh catwalk. We were then able to attend the reception afterwards where we met him, got his autographs, hugs and kisses from him. We were completely awe struck the entire night and we couldn’t believe that we were in the same room with him even though it was with another 100 women. Just the fact that he spoke to us made us feel special and I’ll never forget it especially when the pictures come out but I know that it has already faded from his memory except to say that Jamaican women are really desperate.

Another time when this has happened to me was when I was studying for A-levels. I was taking European history and no matter how hard I tried I failed all of my essays and the teacher of the class kept talking about seperating the sheep from the goats. I, being a goat, was very scared that I was going to be kicked out of class and maybe 6th form and one day I came home crying. I have never cried over a class in my life. A friend of mine, Shaka, happened to come over that day and since he had already graduated from 6th form was able to tell me that there was no way she could do that to anybody, which she didn’t. To this day he has no idea how much he helped me and I guess this is my way of saying thank you. Yet another time when someone has no idea how much they have meant to someone because they were able to do something for them when they needed them. My advice therefore is that always be nice to everyone you meet, even though you might never see the again because you never know the type of impact that you can have on them even when you don’t realise it…Christine.

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