Ginger Ale

Last Friday I went to a party where I opened a bottle of Ginger Ale only to be wearing the contents of the bottle as soon as I turned the cap. Little did I know that that is going to be the theme of the whole weekend.

That Sunday I was going on a whale watching class trip. Some of my roommates were going to come and I figured that since it was for Marine Mammology class and all the profs were going to come we were bound to see some whales. I mean, they had to have an “in” with them and some whales were bound to show up. Now, I don’t mean just any whales I mean I thought there was going to be whales jumping out of the water and dolphins swimming in front of the boat. You, know, like what you see on t.v. Little did I realise that whale watching meant just that. The whales watch you but you don’t actually get to see any whales.

Now, this is the second time I’ve been and this 3-hour tour which was reminiscent of the Gilligan’s Island theme song literally gave me a three hour shower. The boat get rocking back and forth and I was literally sprayed from head to toe. Only now, three days later have my shoes, jeans and socks finally dried enough so you can see the white crystals encrusted on them (kind of like my eyebrows at the end of the tour). Of course, there were those that came off the boat unscathed which made me want to cry for not picking the right place to sit on the boat.

We did, however, finally get to see something so all hope was not lost. After 2 hours when we were getting ready to head back a blowhole was spotted and a finback was seen. For about a second I saw the back of whale before it dived under the water and was gone forever which made the trip, to some extent, worthwhile. Just a bit of advice thoug.. When going whale watching don’t expect to see anything just hope you do and please carry a raincoat and all the trappings because you can get as wet as the whales believe me


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