"Family and Friends "

Hi guys,

Lately I’ve wanted to write an article about family and friends and how much they mean to me and how much you can miss them when you’re so far away from home. It started when my sisters told me about a fish fry that they went on my uncle’s farm and all the things that happened there that made me just want to go home and join in the fun. I mean can you imagine seeing my sister trying to bait a hook and just never catching a fish no matter what type of bait she put on there while my cousin caught 12 all because of an unfortunate incident that landed him in the water?

However, that wasn’t all.

My sister went to Ochi last weekend over Easter and you all know what that means nuff party. Now, even though she’s only 14 she has a better social life than I do and I was sure she was gonna go to Chukka Cove, but she didn’t. Instead she went to Runaway Bay and scared me to death. She went to the John Grieves session there with some friends and was offered a ride by some people she sort of knew back to Ochi. Luckily, she said no. That same car was in an accident that left one person dead and the others with several injuries including a broken jaw. I don’t know how it happened or why but my heart does go out to the families and friends that lost people that they loved. My heart really goes out to the friends and family of the boy who died in the accident and who now no longer have a son or a friend to talk you.

When you’re a teenager you often think that you’re invincible and sometimes you’re just lucky that you get away with the things that you do and sometimes you don’t. That’s the sad thing. I hope that the families are coping and I just want them to know that because we came so close to losing someone too my family continues to pray for them.