My mother always told me not to complain about the amount of schoolwork I had because it would always get worse. I never really paid a lot of attention to that because I always felt that I had a lot of work and nothing could top it. Until last week when I realised what a lot of work really is and I hope I never have that much to do again.

Last week I had three exams and five assignments due. It would have been 6 but I got an extension for one of the major papers which I should be writing now. All of last week was spent locked in my room in front of teh computer or with a text book in front of my face. We won’t discuss how well I did on any of these but for now let’s just say they all got done. I felt completely swamped with work and then I spoke to my cousin.

My cousin Dominic lives in Cayman and is in the 8th gradeor 2nd form there. I was talking to him and he was telling about all the homework that he had to do especially the book report that he was writing.As he was telling me that he wsa so busy I started to remember how I usedto think that that was a lot of work and how over the years it got progressively worse. It didn’t hit me until last week when it felt like a years worth of reports were all due right after another particularly the exams I had for parasitology. That class is an article in itself so we won’t go into it. Suffice it to say I’m thinking of going veggie. My mother will probably gloat once she reads this but mommy you were right the work does get harder year by year you just don’t realise it until its too late and by then you’re already in over your head.

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