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How to choose where you stay in Jamaica

Considering that Jamaica has an awesome variety of accommodations and resorts it is sometimes difficult to choose where to stay. The hotel or resort where you stay, can affect many areas of your vacation. First ask yourself, what do you really want. Here are a few of the questions one should ponder before choosing a place to stay in Jamaica.

Is meeting people and experiencing the culture a plus?
Some people are not social butterflies and would rather wrap themselves in a large pile of books. There are also those who want to explore. They want to meet the people. They want to experience the culture. Which one are you?

Will I have familiar food or local exotic dishes?
One of the first questions your family and friends will ask is “How was the food”. Are you willing to try local exotic dishes like curry goat, escovich fish and jerk chicken? Do you prefer familiar foods? There are many resorts and hotel that cater to both. There are some that cater to just local exotic foods.

Are you a settler or a wanderer?
Jamaica can be like a traveler’s candy store with mountains, rainforest, beaches, waterfalls and more. You may choose to set up base in one city or hop from town to town. Find out where you want to go and if there are travel limitation. Do you want to spend 1 hour visiting and 3 hours driving or do you want to stay 1 hour away.

Do you need Luxury?
Jamaica has hotels and resorts that can cater to your every need; private beaches, private dinning, your own Jacuzzi, private pool. For some people like the luxurious vacation while others are just fine on a empty beach laying back on a chair or in a hammock.

Do you need Sporting activity?
Golf or Tennis is not offered in some cities and resorts. Will the golf/tennis surface or availability affect make a difference to your vacation? Are you willing to try other activities like kayaking, horseback riding etc?

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