12 Songs You Will Definitely Hear at Jamaica Carnival 2024

Music, the lifeblood of Caribbean festivals, becomes especially electrifying during Carnival season. It’s a time when the sounds of soca echo through the streets, turning ordinary moments into unforgettable memories. The Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, known for its vibrant celebration of culture and music, often sets the stage for what will be popular in the festivities that follow. Hits from this festival frequently become anthems at other carnivals, demonstrating the universal appeal and shared heritage of Caribbean musical traditions.

Here are twelve songs you’ll definitely hear at Jamaica Carnival 2024, reflecting the infectious energy and rhythm that define this exhilarating season:

1 . DNA” by Mical Teja (2024)

Fresh from winning the 2024 Road March title in Trinidad, this song’s irresistible beat and lyrics are sure to be a staple across Carnival celebrations.

2. “Fast Wine” by Machel Montano (2017)

Listen, this song has been a staple to the carnival playlist for years, and it’s for a reason. If 2024 is no different, it can’t nice!

3. “Stage Gone Bad” by Kes & Iwer George (2020)

This was a big hit in 2023 so it will be no surprise if we hear this on beating down the streets in Jamaica 2024 Carnival.

4. Fatt” by Nadia Batson (2020)

An anthem of self-love and empowerment that always resonates deeply during carnival’s revelry.

5. “Conch Shell” by Skinny Fabulous, Machel Montano & Iwer George (2020)

We don’t think it gets much more explosive than this. The collab we didn’t even know we needed.

6. “Bend Down Pause” by Runtown ft. Wizkid & Walshy Fire (2016)

Just the high energy blend of African rhythms with Caribbean Soca, to keep bodies moving during the festivities.

7. “Penthouse” by Voice (2024)

A tale of spontaneous revelry, this track will likely be the background score for many a fête, capturing the essence of Carnival’s lure.

8. “Powder” by 3Canal (2024)

Paying homage to J’ouvert’s tradition of “dutty mas,” nothing says roots and revelry on Carnival morning better than this beat.

9. “Carnival Contract” by Bunji Garlin (2024)

With its energetic pace and call-and-response structure, it’s tailor-made for the grandeur of Carnival Tuesday.

10. “Soul of Calypso” by Machel Montano (2024)

If this track doesn’t play as Carnival winds down, the revelling can’t end.

11. Bring D Thing” by Destra and Peter Ram (2024)

Encapsulating the mature, seductive side of soca,  this will be perfect for those intimate moments amidst the frenzy.

12. “Market” by Nadia Batson (2024)

A front-runner for the ladies’ anthem of 2024, it’s bound to let loose on April 7th.

As the countdown to Carnival Morning continues, our anticipation only grows, curious to discover which rhythms will define the dawn of the celebration. This list, though a reflection of our current favourites, is but a prelude to the bangers that are bound to hit and keep us whining into the night come the 7th.