Come Back Here

Come back here
Come back here and stay
Come share your opinions and experiences
with our youths
So that they don’t go astray
Come back to your roots
and blend into the invaluable culture
So much unbelievable depth
You will feel totally unstrangled
Cannot be forgotten
for generations to come
See the deep, blue, clear skies
Feel the fresh, clean, gentle air
Penetrating your hair and whispering
melodies of music in your ear
Enjoy the peace of mind nowhere else on earth
You will experience again
See the towering walls that meet the heavens
Way down from beneath the deep blue sea
Come feel the cool breeze
amongst the trees
Sit back
Relax and set your heart at ease
Come back
Yea come back and join me
with open songs
They yearn to hear in distant lands
Come to the beach and touch the sand
Come let’s dance
to the music of the reggae band
Come here
Where there’s no hate or race or class
Experience this precious freedom at last

About the author

Cecil George Munroe