Conversation with Jamaican Actress Jacinth Sutphin

Jacinth Sutphin was born and raised in St. Mary, Jamaica. She later relocated to Brooklyn, NY in hopes of gaining a better life. At the age of 10 she was pregnant with her vision and dreams of becoming a professional actress. Her baby was called purpose aka destiny. She could not afford to miscarry what lies within her. Ever passionate, determined, and driven, Jacinth first began her journey modeling at age 17, which led to her appearing in numerous hair magazines and print ads while gracing the runway for many local, national, and international fashion designers. In college, she discovered her love for theatre, and after graduating, she embarked on an adventure in the Arts, performing in community and regional theatres respectively. Eventually she started to embark in the world of television & film, in which she played leading and supporting roles. Her principal role in Voiceless paved the way to her union membership for SAG-AFTRA. When she’s not working on set, she loves to write screenplays and most of all mentor adolescents in hopes of helping them fulfill their dreams. *Presently, Jacinth has booked a principal role in her first prime-time soap opera television series “Redwind Point” and is excited about the launch of her online radio show called “Double Dose of Ja”. Jacinth is now a multi Award-winning actress for her Leading role in Diary of a Badman portraying Detective Simone William. “Diary of a Badman” was playing in select theaters in Jamaica and Grand Cayman Island and premiering in select cities throughout the United States, Canada, and London. In addition to playing the leading role, Jacinth is also one of the producers of “Diary of a Badman”. Jacinth will be an award recipient at the prestigious 2016 NAFCA African Oscar on November 19th in Glendale, CA, which will be aired live on TVONE. So stay tuned…

Jacinth finds freedom in being an artist and being able to be create. On this journey she hope to continue to inspire, motivate, and encourage others to follow their dreams and to walk in their purpose. When asked about the struggles of being an artist, Jacinth stated, “Although this journey isn’t easy I’ve learned to celebrate who I am and every growth that I’ve made as an artist at all times. Also I’ve learned to appreciate every moment both on and off screen, on and off stage, and whether I booked a role or not. I celebrate during my victories and even during my storms….” According to Jacinth, “the meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose of life is to share it with others in being a blessing.” She has made it known that Life is all about finding your gift and aligning with your purpose. Jacinth’s personality, passion, and drive really shines through her work and and the effect she has on others. She is very driven, compassionate, outgoing, ambitious, spontaneous, and has this aura that lights up any room she enters. Jacinth hope to one day be known as a very successful, inspiring, and influential award winning actress who represents a woman who fought against the odds in order to pursue her dreams and to motivate others to walk in their purpose.

Q. Tell us about your background, your connection to Jamaica?
I was born and raised in St. Mary, Jamaica. I was raised primarily by my grandmother Lucilda Jackson. I relocated to US from Jamaica around the age of 13. I love the diversity of living in the U.S. Being around different cultures, races, languages, heritage, etc. However, there’s no place like home.

Q. How did you get started in acting, filmmaking and modeling?
I became addicted to the Arts while growing up in church through dance, singing, and drama. Even in middle school, high school, and college I took drama / theatre classes. I’ve always loved entertaining. However, I didn’t know how to go to the next level. Three years ago, I took a leap of faith and decided to take the necessary steps to make acting my profession. I made sure I had the tools and my acting arsenal together in order to start booking jobs.

Q. Tell us a little about your Journey ?
When I wasn’t following my dreams, I was like a walking dead. I felt like I was just existing and not living. I just decided three years ago I’m tired of working a dead end job and not following my dreams. So I got an acting coach and started taking acting lesson with kenneth McGregor at the walking fish theater. Then I got professional headshots. I didn’t have any work to put on my resume. So I started out doing local community theatre in my city, student film, and a little background work to get the experience of what it’s like being on a professional set and I wanted to learned the language and learn and get inspiration from the other actors and actresses.

Q. What Goals have you set for yourself?
4). My biggest goal is to be in the position where I can produce my own films and to create opportunities for others both in front and behind the scene. Also my goal is to motivate, inspire, uplift, and encourage others to follow their dreams.

Q. What is your dream?
My dream is to one day live in Jamaica permanently and visit the US just to shoot a film , or work and return home.

Q. Your favorite Jamaican food is…?
My favorite Jamaican food is Ackee and Salfish and hard dough bread.


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