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Conversation with multi-award winning Jamaican singer/ songwriter, Ruth-Ann Brown

For multi-award winning singer/ songwriter, Ruth-Ann Brown, making Reggae music was hardly a choice; it was something she could not run from. Their union has been as fluent as the success she has experienced to-date. Since the release of her five-song EP, RUTH, she has received two awards, been featured on Fox Network, interviewed by several radio stations across the world and featured in and on the cover of several print media. She has performed in and around Washington DC, sharing the stage with Reggae icons such as Freddie McGregor, Beres Hammond, I-Wayne and Ky-Mani Marley, just to name a few. Her performance at The Mansion at Strathmore in Maryland was historic, as the first Reggae artiste to be invited to the prestigious venue. In January of 2011 she sung the American National Anthem at a basketball game in Virginia, an experience she describes as “an honor”.     

Q: Tell us about your background and how did you get started performing?
My musical background dates back to the church choir. I started singing in church at about age twelve. My hobby at the time was writing poetry. When I was in college, a friend of mine who admired my poetry heard me singing and he was curious to know why I wasn’t a professional singer. At the time I had only written one song so it was all new to me. At the bidding of my friend, I wrote another song and recorded a demo. That demo opened doors for me and in a few months I had a song on the radio.

Q: Tell us about your new single “Any Day Now”? Did you write the song? What was your inspiration to write the song?
“Any Day Now” connects to the yearning of wanting to go home, wherever home is to whoever is listening. It could be literally or figuratively. It could be a physical house or country or an emotional place of peace. The song was written by me and produced by Rhoan Bromfield for Bran-Nu Entertainment.  My inspiration for the song, funny enough, was the sensation of smoking marijuana, even though it is not mentioned in the lyrics at all.


Q: What is the best compliment you have gotten about the “Any Day Now” song?
A woman told me that whenever she listens to “Any Day Now” she cries and feels like travelling back home to Jamaica. She imagines being in the plane hovering above the mountainside. That made me feel extremely good.

Q: What are your most proud moments to date?
I’ll name four: graduating with high honors from university, getting signed to Bran-Nu Entertainment, winning two awards for my EP “RUTH” in the Annual Washington DC Reggae Awards and being on stage performing to receptive listeners.

Q: You have a few singles out there. When can we expect your album to be released?
There’s not a set date yet but it will be released in the near future. The best way to stay in-the-know is to follow us on Twitter @ruthabrownmusic and @brannuent and Like us on Facebook at Ruth-Ann Brown and Bran-Nu Entertainment.

Q: How would you describe your sound?
My sound is smooth, laid-back, honest Reggae. It’s the type of music you can play when you’re taking a long road trip or just relaxing with a lemonade on your porch. It’s for people of all backgrounds and ages.

Q: You sing R&B and Reggae. What genre do you like best?
I do not sing R&B. I sing only Reggae music.


Q: Have you been doing anything else in the entertainment field?

Outside of writing, singing and performing, I don’t lend any other talent to the field of entertainment.

Q: What projects are you working on right now?
At this time, I’m actively working on my debut album and my contribution to The Honeydew Riddim which features several artistes out of Jamaica. It is being produced by Andrew Johnson for AKhool Records and Rhoan Bromfield for Bran-Nu Entertainment.

Q:  If you were stuck on a deserted island and given the choice of 2 albums to put on your ipod which artist would it be?
1) Culture – Any of their albums
2) Sade – The Best of Sade

Q: My favorite guilty pleasure is eating ice cream.
Growing up my hero was my father.

Q: A movie I never get tired of watching is…

Q: Thanks for your time. Do you have any closing thoughts?
Big up to Jamaicans.com. Thanks for interviewing me. I just want to thank everyone who has supported my work thus far, from the selectors and disc jockeys to the fans who buy my music and come to my shows. The EP “RUTH” is available for download on iTunes, Amazon and other major retailers. Walk good.

Stay connected with Ruth-Ann Brown via her website, facebook page & twitter:   
http://www.facebook.com/Ruthannbrownmusic     http://www.twitter.com/ruthabrownmusic   http://www.facebook.com/brannuent   http://www.twitter.com/brannuent


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