The Cosmic Life

Twinkle, twinkle yonder stars
Ruling planets, Neptune and Mars
Constellations and Zodiac signs
Unseen fate and future designs

Kabbalah secrets and horoscopes
Metaphysical and astrological hopes
As we put our faith in the Universe
Where planets align and wisdom disperse

In earnest we wish, upon falling stars
In hopes of changing who we are
Compatible signs of love we inquire
Magical solutions for our every desire

As the days go by and time wanders on
Suns rise and set, in the far beyond
And mysteries that the moon and stars reveal
Still charm the heart and the way we feel

So what do I feel in this heart of mine?
Piscean dreams and things sublime
Visions of grandeur, fortune and fame
Reveling in a world, where they know my name

But the cosmic life will never be mine
Though I’ve felt its lure and tasted its wine
No fast and impetuous life for me
For I find solace, in my anonymity

Yes, we all yearn to be in the know
Curious of how the future will go
But shall the deception of a psychic’s tale
Over the candor of the Lord’s word, prevail?

My destiny and fate is in the Father’s will
My sign, that cross, on a lonely hill
My future I chart, from within the pages
That He has inspired throughout the ages

Prophesies of things yet to come
And those fulfilled by the Begotten Son
Instruct my walk in a righteous path
Away from death and the Father’s wrath