Cross Cultural Experience

Hello my name is Bree Hall. I am currently a senior at Alma College, which is located in Alma Michigan. Recently for a class (4 credits) we went to Jamaica for three weeks. We just got back from the trip on Sunday May 17th. The purpose of the class is a world studies/cross cultural experience. We lived with host families in Savanna-la-mar and worked there as well. Some of the class members volunteered at the Grange Hill health clinic. Others observed classrooms at the Manning School and Chantilly Basic School. And finally most of us did a work project helping fix the Chantilly Basic School. The school is given a budget for the repairs that we did for Chantilly. This is the only class through Alma College that is work project oriented in another country. I feel really good about my experience and stay in Jamaica for those three weeks. I had a wonderful time! It was such a great feeling to know that the time I gave better helped the school and all the children there. It is amazing to see the comparisons/contrasts to the education system here in the United States. The people at Chantilly really appreciated and loved the improvements made to the school. So hopefully now we made it a better place for the children and teachers to provide a educational atmosphere. Again I feel wonderful knowing that we “MADE A DIFFERENCE!” Not only did I give something to the Jamaican culture I received something in return as well: knowledge..