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Crusoe’s Beach on Navy Island, Jamaica

Crusoe’s Beach, located near Berridale, offers visitors the chance to relax in a world of their own. This secluded haven on the Navy Island beaches off the Jamaican coast features serene isolation and all the perks of a beautiful Caribbean beach experience. Crusoe’s Beach is a great alternative to the more crowded, metropolitan beaches found elsewhere on the island, and its proximity to Berridale makes a trip into town easy to do. 

The number of beachgoers at Crusoe’s Beach depends on the season and time of day. In  peak tourist season, the beach offers more opportunities for those who like to see a lot of activity on the sand, while other seasons offer a more relaxing and peaceful experience. The beach has its own personality and is characterized by its relative seclusion. There are no large hotels near the beach, but the presence of many smaller neighborhood accommodations ensure that visitors will have no problems finding a place to stay. 

The chief attraction of Crusoe’s Beach is its lack of distractions. This is truly a Caribbean paradise that offers a true “castaway” ambience. Snorkeling is a popular activity that can be enjoyed at Crusoe’s Beach, so be sure to bring your gear to explore the underwater attractions. 

Crusoe’s Beach also offers many opportunities to sample local Jamaican food. One of the best options is to enjoy the dining options available right on the beach. Picnics are especially popular, and many hotels cater to the desires of their guests to have a beach picnic by packing portable meals for them. It’s also possible to get picnic supplies on the way to the beach, so excellent meals are easy to come by. 

Crusoe’s Beach is the perfect location to relax and soak up Jamaica’s world-class island atmosphere.

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