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The Dangers of R.E.G.G.A.E.

Many of you are not practicing safe behavior by listening to reggae music unprotected and are now either suffering from R.E.G.G.A.E. or contracted the virus that causes fully blown R.E.G.G.A.E…. Real Explicit songs Generating Gross Adult Expression which was discovered in the late 70’s has skyrocketed in the 90’s as more people come forward with the disease. The syndrome will continue to increase as entertainment artists and producers continue to release songs such as “Dawg like we” “Gal Dem Friend” and “crazy glue”.

First let it be known that not all reggae music causes this disease. Specialist researching the syndrome for years have dissected the area of reggae music which causes this disease. It’s called dancehall reggae and the virus is called “LEWD LYRICS”.

The lewd lyrics virus works through the words used in these songs.The virus attacks the learning side of your brain emptying it of useful words such as “lovemaking” and replacing it with words such as”bed work”.

There are no obvious physical symptoms, apart from some R.E.G.G.A.E. carriers dressing like their favorite lewd lyrics chanting artist. The mental symptoms however is quite obvious especially when they become verbalized into fully blown R.E.G.G.A.E. The lewd lyrics virus attacks your immune moral system and changes your mental outlook at things that are personal. As one R.E.G.G.A.E. sufferer explains, “I didn’t think it could happen to me I thought I was invincible till I noticed these weird symptoms. If it could happen to me it can happen to anyone else, so be aware.”
R.E.G.G.A.E. is very contagious and can be transmitted from person to person via:

  • Musical transfer – This is the exchanging of reggae tapes between multiple partners.
  • Unprotected Reggae music listening – This is knowingly listening to LYRIC carrying reggae music with out any protection.
    Intermittent listening – This is the injection of LYRIC carrying reggae music to your system.

Specialist have yet to find a cure but have issued guidelines on ways to protect yourself:

  1. Abstinence from listening, even casual listening. If you cannot abstain then listen to conscious reggae like Black Uhuru, Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley, Beres Hammond, Dennis Brown, Christafari, and Maxi Priest. These types of music contain a virus call “CLEAN LYRIC” which can help to build an immune system against the “LEWD LYRIC” virus.
  2. Wear earplugs. If you are forced into situations where you were not prepared for reggae music remember to wear your earplugs it could save your life. They are uncomfortable, but they are being improved to give the feeling you are wearing nothing. ” PROTECT yourself. PREVENTION is better when there is NO CURE. R.E.G.G.A.E. will continue to spread”.

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