I need forms on Jamaica probate, we have no money

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
My dad left a Will, but we have no money for a lawyer or anything. We went to Legal Aid Clinics in Jamaica and they want us to pay money for consultation and for paperwork and hearings.
Its pretty straightforward. My dad wasnt even married, but he did have material possessions that before he died he did a form to say who should get what.
My younger sister who just graduated with a degree is at home with no work says she will help out by doing the work as she did a little course. My sister is the Executor.
We went to the Supreme Court in Kingston and was told to go look up the forms in the Civil Procedure book, but we didnt see it. Do you know where it is?
Cisylyn Garvey

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RESPONSE: Dear Cisylyn,
Whether you visit the library or go online, please look up the book Supreme Court of Jamaica, Civil Procedure Rules 2002. In that book, please go to the back to page 524 and you will see the forms you need.
Please also speak with the Clerk of Court for the Probate Division to see if they can assist you after you have prepared the forms with your information.
You should also consider paying a visit to the General Legal Council on Duke Street, Kingston to express your concerns. Perhaps they can assist you with reference to an attorney who can ask for fees at a later date.
Legal Wiz


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