Dancehall Street Parade Confirmed As An Official Reggae Month Event

Dancehall Street Parade Confirmed As An Official Reggae Month Event2

Launched in October 2023, the official Dancehall Street Parade is gearing up for its debut during Reggae Month 2024 as the culmination of the inaugural staging of Dancehall week 2024. Anticipation for the signature week-long series of events, celebrating the dancehall culture, is steadily building; for what will undoubtedly be a staple on the Reggae Month annual calendar.

Dancehall Street Parade Confirmed As An Official Reggae Month Event1

The Dancehall Street Parade, the brainchild of the Dancehall Week 2024 Committee made up of key industry players, is intended to properly highlight the genre in the home of dancehall music, Jamaica. The one-week long series of parties from February 13- 19 2024, will culminate with the official Dancehall Street Parade in the streets of the entertainment district, Kingston on Sunday February 18.

Dancehall Street Parade Confirmed As An Official Reggae Month Event2

It’s about time we paid homage to the home-grown genre that has made international impact and we believe the world will take note of us here in Jamaica recognizing and celebrating; the songs, the beats, the dances and the energy that is dancehall.” Roxelle ‘Glammie’ McKenzie, coordinator for Dancehall Week shared

Dancehall Street Parade Confirmed As An Official Reggae Month Event3

The Dancehall week 2024 initiative has also acquired officially endorsements from the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Culture Gender Entertainment and Sport, as well as the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC).The involvement of the dancehall fraternity is also an important factor in showing the unity among the stakeholders including; dancers, promoters, artistes, service providers, media and sponsors as well as working closely with the police and necessary agencies to ensure the seamless execution of the series.

We are happy to see the media, artistes, promoters and other stakeholders, showing their support to the initiative and we look forward to the continued support as we roll out our dancehall wear for the Street Parade and the week’s official event itinerary.” Dave Goldson, Executive Director for Dancehall Week added

Dancehall Week 2024 has released the official female dancehall wear for the Dancehall Street Parade and has opened the portal online for persons who want to be a part of the parade on the official website

Dancehall Week 2024 starts with the Fashion RoadBlock on February 13 then the Breakfast Party Morning Bliss on Valentine’s Day February 14 and Amour Dancehall in the night, on Thursday February 15 The Official Dancehall Awards followed by I Love Dancehall on February 16 and February 17 the Dancehall Sound Battle the week culminates with the main event on Sunday February 18, The Official Dancehall Street Parade in the streets of Kingston Jamaica. The week officially ends on Monday February 19 The Yacht Chill Cool Down Event in the afternoon.

For more details on Dancehall Week 2024 follow @dancehall.week on Instagram or visit the website

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