Poem: Dear I

Dear I,


Rememba our dance

Our smile

Our laughter

That made the mass

Envy us

Rememba our love

That made dem

Stop and look

Wishing to be like us

Rememba the slow jam

That brought goose pimples

On our bodies

made us create

Beautiful rays of colors


Rememba the scent

Of baby powder

Knight Queen

Frankincense and myrrh

That lures you to I and I to you

Our love, our ancestors

Before we even

Reach the planet –Africa,

Jamaica, Trinidad—America

Dear I, Rememba the tears

When we part—when we could

Not utter our loss

it was too unbearable

When we did not know

If we would not be together again

When we—through confusion

did not say our goodbye—in a nice way

Dear I, Rememba me

For I rememba every good of you.




© 2014 Empress Maxine Foster (Roots Dawtha)

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