Did the Jamaican doctor put a microchip in my head?
QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
Since being here on the island, I had an accident. Since I was released from the hospital where I did surgery, I have been hearing voices. I am convinced that the doctors placed a microchip in my head. I called around to several security companies and no one knows where I can have an MRI scan done. I need to get one done, and I really would not mind if I could even get a petscan. It does seem as if one can get this done in Jamaica? Do you know anywhere that can help me?
Al Coverly
I am sorry to learn that you are having this experience, but glad that you took the time to contact us for assistance. Contact was made with the Winchester MRI Limited company where you can have your body checked. When you go in, they will first use a hand-held reader to check for any abnormalities to pinpoint specific areas that need to be scanned. An X-ray or further MRI scan will be done.
Representatives of that company have further advised that you need to be careful what you expose your body to so as to prevent magnetic fields from interfering or causing damage. Therefore please contact them immediately or contact us for assistance in setting up a meeting for the initial body check. 
If they havent found anything, you still have the option to do a more detailed scan. In order to do that, you will need a referral from a doctor. That means that you must first have your body examined, and if needed that doctor will make recommendations for you to get the MRI scan by giving you a ‘referral letter’ to take in to the Winchester MRI Limited company.
Hope this helps. All the best.
Legal Wiz