Did not want to leave Jamaica

I had the chance of visiting Jamaica in December of 97 until January of 98 and it was the best. Although my Parish Portland was flooding with heavy rains that did not stop me from getting my party on. I had a chance to attend the annual Chrystal Springs stage show. Although it had rained the day we were still jamming to the likes of Sizzla, Buju and lots of other big Rastafari astist who set the place on fire. Asylum the new club in New Kingston was my spot. Ladies nigt at Asylum was the best, with all the fine Jamaican girls in the hottest comming out. Not only were the females fine but the guys, the finest of them all was the one who accompanied me to the club (A big shout to Nordy).

I went to the beach in Portmoore to get some fish and festival it was good. My next visit to jamaica will be in the summer or at the end of the year with my roomate, so hope to see you all there so that we can get our grove on at the clubs. Jamaica see you soon.