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Director of the Overseas Territories Directorate to Visit Montserrat

Montserrat is preparing for the arrival of the Director of the Overseas Territories Directorate (OTD) at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) later this week.

Mr. Colin Roberts is expected to arrive on September 23, 2008. He is not scheduled to leave until September 25, 2008.

According to the Governor’s Office, “Mr. Roberts will meet with His excellency the Governor, Mr. Peter Waterworth and with the Hon. Chief Minister, Dr. Lowell Lewis and his Ministerial Colleagues. In addition, Mr. Roberts will meet with members of the opposition and will have a briefing on the volcanic situation at the MVO and at the DMCA.

The release indicates that Mr. Roberts will also have an opportunity to meet with FCO staff working at the Governor’s Office.

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