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Book Review – Di Taxi Ride and Other Stories

About the Book
Di Taxi Ride and Other Stories is a collection of short Jamaican stories. The stories are comical in nature and covers a variety of humorous situations. “Di Taxi Ride” which is the first story in the twelve story collection was written from the perspective of a returning resident who is completely unfamiliar with a typical Jamaican taxi ride and the adventure that can be had in a single journey…

– The Intruders- is a dark tale of a man who imagines that his dog and cat are about to rule the world.
– Moses and the Whale is another colourful tale, it is a story of two unemployed
men who decided to do something about their status in life and so they decided to start a church.
– The Next Door Neighbour is a humorous account of neighbours battling their
problems in a court of law. The solemn procedure is enunciated with laughter as the various neighbours give their account of a ‘horrifying’ event.
– The Wedding a huge favourite with the Jamaica Treasures crew. It tells of a
wedding hosted in rural Jamaica where the groom’s four baby mothers decide to attend. It is redolent with disapproving family members and the antics of each baby mother as sparks fly.
– Aunt Bev’s Return -the tragic death of a beloved aunt takes a comical spin in this story that is based in rural Jamaica.
– The Job Hunt is a young woman’s experience as she seeks employment and the surprising result.
– To Keep Her Man is an interesting story of a woman’s quest to maintain her
relationship, and how far she went to maintain such.
– The Electrician finds an abundance of work fixing appliances that were never
– Love letters from yard is a touching tale of a country boys love for the principal’s
daughter. The story’s earliest setting is in rural Trelawney in Jamaica.
– The Date is a contemporary look at the Jamaican dating scene and the meeting of two people from opposite worlds.
– The Haunting is a tale of dark proportions. The recent owner of an old house
realises that ghosts are just not the result of her overactive imagination

About the Author
Brenda Barrett is a Jamaican by birth. When asked ‘where in Jamaica are you from?’ she prefers to answer by saying “everywhere”. She has lived in many different parts of the island and is now residing in the capital city of Kingston.

Her love for people and her abhorrence of paperwork led her to do a degree in Psychology. She is a human resource practitioner and a part time lecturer. However, her love for reading from an early age spurred her to write, she enjoys this vocation immensely.

When she is not writing she loves to spend time playing scrabble and dominoes with her family and friends.

About the author

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