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Do I have a contract with this Jamaican builder?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz.

I came across your column and am seeking your advise.
I made an agreement with a builder back home in Jamaica. The agreement is that the builder will build a house for me, and I give him a piece of land after its completion. At this point, the house is not competed and the builder is using my money for his purpose.

I signed a note saying that I would give him a lot of land, but I did not specify that the house must be completed in the note. 

Is our agreement legal, if so, am I still liable to provide this builder a lot of land?


I am,
Troy Netherland
RESPONSE: Dear Troy,
Please appreciate that the information you supplied is limited. Please give more details in response to the following:
1.  How was the agreement made – orally or written?
2. Was a contract drafted? If so, where can I see a copy of it? 
3. Are you all only relying on what was written in that ‘note’? 
4. How can I see a copy of that note?
5. Was it that the payment is to be a parcel of land, and monies sent are strictly for construction?
6. By what means do you regulate the appropriation of your funds sent, tallying and work executed or materials bought?
Legal Wiz

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