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Docked in Jamaica

The Imagination docked in Jamaica..My husband and I purchased a Van trip to Shaw gardens, shopping and Dunn’s River Falls… The girls who were waiting for us at the dock gathered each excursion fit ours into a van. The girl who was our guide was most helpful. My husband and I sat up front with the driver because Tony’s 6’2″ frame is a little cumbersome in a Van. The driver took us up to all the places we expected- gardens – road where cool runnings was filmed – yes the local tourist trap on the hill nice stuff – the two shopping malls where he helped me find a tshirt to fit a man with xxx shoulders. Described to a girl in the van which shop might have a dress like she wanted. Tour guide was most helpful in taking my stuff back to the van as I hadn’t thought to put on my bathing suit early that morning, We were with the chain of people going up the falls but it didn’t move too fast so there was plenty of time to take pictures up and down the falls – play in the water (I am use to the streams of the TN mountains so the heights were no problem and with the cute little shoes rocks seemed no problem :))

All -n- All our time was great as are a high percentage of the people who visit there. I believe a trip is always what you make of it. I reply courteously to everyone I encounter with a smile if possible. Even the t shirt vendor at Dunn’s was polite and I made a good bargain when someone found his size 🙂 Many thanks – we really enjoyed the visit….Carol

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