Does Jamaicans For (Selected) Justice And Human Rights Watch Contributes To Jamaica’s High Crime Rate?

Continuous aid and charity brainwashes the individual recipient and country into thinking that success is achievable without having to pay the requisite price. This is directly related to the “war on crime”. The citizenry is so brainwashed that they will demonstrate against police shootings but they have no heart to demonstrate against the murderous gunmen, which is surprising for a country which loves marching! All the ego boffers like Human Rights Watch, Jamaicans For Selected Justice and Carolyn Gomes, and Wilmot Perkins and Ronnie Thwaites, would never attack the gunmen with the same intensity and ferocity with which they verbally attack the security forces when they are involved in questionable shootings. Jamaicans For Selective Justice why is there no lawsuit against the dons in Mountain View, or Spanish Town, or Rema? Don’t you have any evidence? Why is there no appeal to the Privy Council against them? Why is there no demonstrations against them led by you when they are clearly involved in much more illegal activity than the security forces? I will tell you why and it is that your so called justice is selective, used to buffer your careers and ego and implicitly and explicitloy helps to brainwash the citizenry to believe that crime prevention and reduction is possible without innocent civilian casualties.

The war against crime will not be won without the sacrifice of the lives of security officers and brave citizens in the same way that the country will not prosper without the country paying the price needed for prosperity. This is a country that desires improved outcomes without paying the required price because we have become so used to begging for overseas aid that we believe that we do not have to pay a price for anything and if it is not
availabe through begging then we are seemingly lost and do not know what strategy to use to acquire it. But we have chosen freedom and democracy and with it and our begging mentality, we have developed a spirit of inertia and fear of criticism from organizations like Human Rights Watch, and Jamaicans For Selective
Justice and a fear that the overseas aid and charity will be cut; consequently when there is a successful system of crime eradication like that used by the brave patriot Adams and his group, we jump like robots to muffle it at the first sound of overseas disapproval or news conference by HRW and Jamaicans For Selective Justice because the massa’s cousins, Human Rights Watch and Jamaicans For Selective Justice, (the correct name), has convinced the nation that crime fighting can be successful without unfortunate incidents and even illegal acts from some passionate security officers.

The Giuliani administration in New York who was wrongly credited with solely reducing the crime rate
in New York and which has been foolishly praised locally as the second coming of Wyatt Earp, did have
some success with quality of life crimes but the secret is they broke the law to do so and was later
sued successfully by thousands of New Yorkers! You hypocrites how can you, with no proof, praise and almost award national hero status to a foreign law breaker for crime reduction claims which I have refuted in an earlier article, while a native son you want to put on trial for killings, in a clearly successful crime reduction campaign? I hope you see the parrallels here to the days of Bogle and Gordon. The men you now call national heroes many of you would have gladly hanged were you alive then because they would have caused your aid to be cut! Oh for Marley to be alive to sing his Redemption Song again. It is no wonder they killed him and said it was cancer (oops I let the secret out) because the prophet would have freed the people. I have a message for you though and it is that you cannot get rid of us all. There are too many in the uprising who are now practicing the new redemption song.

In any successful crime reduction operation or war there will be wrongful deaths by security forces but this should not be reason to disband a successful strategy. There has never been a war without wrongful deaths occurring. There will never be a long term successful crime fighting strategy in Jamaica without illegal acts by the security forces. It will not happen Carolyn Gomes and you know this. if you think when the foreign troops arrive they will show you more respect you better think again.

You who love to praise Cuba and talk about their low crime rate never mention that this is due to their repressive government which would never allow a Cubans For Selective Justice to interfere and that if they
were a free country like Jamaica their crime rate would be similar or higher than ours because of our
shared history. You hypocrites who butter your careers and self esteem with your selective justice are no different than the spirit of massa which enslaved and ravaged this country. You are a part of the destabilizing force of charity and aid. The charity and aid that this country loves so much has been the greatest destabilizer of the country. Aid without a requisite performance cripples and cripples some more! Is this so hard to see? Crime will not decrease until the citizens take responsibility and see themselves as the accomplice to every murder, rape and robbery and repent and accept a spirit of rejection of this serpent and accept that many will have to pay the true highest price for progress.

In a subsequent article we will show clearly that every Jamaican, from the don in the ghetto, to the brown man in St. Andrew hills, to the “farenahs” in Miami, London, Toronto and New York, and the local churches, and the operators of information mediums who only allow articles which give support to their existence (, are all guilty of contributing to the crime rate. We will conlude the series by setting forth practical solutions ranging from a national mentoring programme to foreign military intervention and the adoption of the “Cuban” model. Watch out Dr. Gomes!
John Anthony [email protected]