How to Play Jamaican Style Dominoes

Jamaicans play “draw” style dominoes. There are many variations to the “draw” style. Jamaican style dominoes are intense and a sturdy table is needed in most cases as players slam the dominoes. Six love (6 to 0) is one type of game Jamaicans love to play. In this game you must win six rounds. In many cases you have to play this game with a partner to shorten the duration.

Below are the steps to play “Jamaican Style” dominoes with four players.


  1. Count out 28 dominoes, from double blank to double six.
  2. Place all the dominoes face-down on a sturdy table.
  3. Shuffle the dominoes well.
  4. Each players take seven dominoes.
  5. The player with the highest double goes first. In this case it will be “Double Six”. It is placed horizontally. This is called the “pose”.
  6. The player to the right (counter clockwise) of the first player should plays next. Except for doubles each domino is placed vertically. In Jamaican style dominoes only two sides of the domino is used to match.
  7. The next player will play the domino with like value next to the first domino (it doesn’t matter which end). Make sure like values are always touching.
  8. If you don’t have a domino that corresponds to the ones on the layout, you must pass. Most Jamaican players will either lay down their dominoes to show they “pass” or they will “click” two dominoes together twice to show they have passed.
  9. Who wins: The first person to run out of dominoes wins OR if everybody passes (GAME BLOCKED). The winner is the person with the lowest score. You count your score by the number of dots on the tiles remaining in your hand.
  10. Depending the “six love” game you are playing here is how you win overall
      • If one person or a partner team has wins six in a row. This type of game could be very long. For example if a partner team or player has won 5 rounds in a row and some else or another partner team wins the 6th round the game has to be started over.
      • If one person or a partner win the best of six games
      • If a partner team has combined to win six games in a game with two players, or 100 points with three or more players. The lowest score wins.



TIP: Most Jamaican players will close the game in spectacular fashion by standing up and slamming the last dominoes on the table if everyone passes and they have the last combinations.

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