Trip Reports

Negril holiday

Don’t pack any more than a bathing suit, and money. Jamaicans love American $$$$$$.

Lovely people, everyone was so nice.

What to say to vendors who want to sell and you don’t want to buy. “Not today, maybe tomorrow.”

Jamaican men loved my blonde hair, blue eyed daughter. One comment I overheard. “I love you so much I cannot stand by you”

Frequently asked questions to us. Have you been to Jamaica before?

What is your name?

When is your birthday?

When will you be back?

Will you send me something from the united states?

Best radio talk show “straight talk”

Bugs that bite are the worst. Bring lots of mosquito repellent. I look like I’ve had chicken pox.

Get the best price for tours. Ask around they will compete for your business, and by all means go back to Jamaica, we (my daughter and I) loved it, we will be back. I’ve never been to pampered and loved in my life.

Saw rasta men in all colors. Black white and yellow. I mean that nicely. (My daughter called them rastatutes). they love American women with money.

Reggae music is the best, every night a concert under the stars.

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