Dr. Kingsley Chin Named YCPN International Entrepreneur of the Year

Dr. Kingsley Chin, a spinal surgeon, and author who was born in Jamaica, has been named as the International Entrepreneur of the Year by the Young Caribbean Professional Network (YCPN). He received the award at the organization’s national fundraising event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Chin said he was pleased to receive the award, which he called “an honor and a blessing,” and noted his respect for other Caribbean leaders like Ron McKay and Don Wehby. Dr. Chin went on to say that he has linked his Jamaican roots in all aspects of his success and is focusing at present on the importance of access to health care in the country. He also wants to leverage opportunities to enhance the tourism sector, the national economy, and the country as a whole. Dr. Chin attended Columbia University, Harvard Medical School, and became the Chief of Spinal Surgery and Professor at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School. Dr. Chin is also a published author of articles in peer-reviewed journals, 14 book chapters, and 11 review chapters. He serves as Managing Partner and CEO of KICVentures, a company he founded in 2005. Ron McKay, the past President of the American Chamber of Commerce for Jamaica and a Philadelphia native who presented Dr. Chin with the award, said it was very special to him to be able to do that as he admires and respects Dr. Chin “beyond description” as a professional and as a true friend. Proceeds from the event helped more than 700 students from Jamaica and the Caribbean participate in the Penn Relays, the largest annual track and field event in the United States. Proceeds will also go towards the YCPN’s scholarship fund. The Consul General of Jamaica to the US, Trudy Deans, attended the awards event and along with Ron McKay, was a co-presenter of the event.

Photo Source: Facebook