Dreamed about Jamaica

I had dreamed about traveling to Jamaica most of my adult life. My friends say it started when I saw the movie “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”. But I knew the truth, I had wanted to go to Jamaica since my mid 20’s which was years before that movie was even made. I had NEVER taken a vacation before, ever, because I was always taking care of my family. The opportunity came for me to go with some friends, so I decided why not. I had spent about 6 months planning to go with my friends, but unfortunately at the end, they could not go. I had already taken time off from work so I HAD to go. There I was taking my first vacation ever as an adult, and traveling to another country ALONE.

Was I scared? Nope. Nervous? Yes. I kept thinking I was going to miss a transfer flight or something of that nature. I arrived safely in Montego Bay. My destination was St. Ann’s Bay to the kind smiles and warm greetings of my friends’ family and friends who were my guides while I was there. Even my friends from back home couldn’t come, being the wonderful friends they are, they made sure I was taken care of during my stay. I brought about 10 rolls of film with me and yes; I took pictures of EVERYTHING, and everyone that would allow me to do so. When I arrived the first thing I had on my mind was to eat some JERK CHICKEN… I was fortunate to have my own personal escort while I was there. I saw many sights, and met many wonderful people that I’m sure I would not have been able to meet otherwise. I told my friends that I wanted to see EVERYTHING. They always teased me… called me a JAMERICAN, because I am so much in love with Jamaica.

My stay in Runaway Bay was very pleasant. The villa I stayed in, well sometimes it would run out of water, I didn’t care… I joked that the water ran away to the bay. My first night I ate Jerk Chicken and had a Red Stripe Beer… hmm they were both so good. My room faced the ocean; it was wonderful looking across at the ocean. I slept like a baby of course that first night. The next day was the beginning of my adventure that I’m sure I won’t have room to talk about but I’ll do my best. I ate well there… believe me. I’d lost weight to prepare to go, but I gained back some pounds while I was there, but that’s what vacations are for right!!