My Dream Holiday!!!!

Arrived in Montego Bay, my home for the next 2 weeks, as soon I as got off the plane, stood on the steps, felt the warm air, looked around and knew Jamaica was the place for me. Arrived at the hotel at about 3.30pm (it’s quite posh) well the poshest hotel I’ve been to. Everything looks good so far!
The next few days were spent recovering from the flight, didn’t realize jet lag could be this bad!

Totally recovered now and start to join in the games on stage, even though our team lost I still had fun and was starting to fit in really well.

Well it’s the second day in a row that Mark (one of the entertainment team) has joined me and my sister for breakfast he has kidneys and bananas. (Don’t think I’ll try that!!!) Have a relaxing day by the pool topping up my tan! Well it’s karaoke night and I love to sing! I wander around trying to get someone to sing with me, even Mark turned me down. (He had rehersals.) I eventually found someone, Leal, we sing Jackson 5’s, I Want You Back. My sister said I was very good, so quite pleased with myself. Go up to the disco (Witches) and dance the night away with Mark before we have a walk on the beach!

We’re off to Dunn’s River Falls today, was an ok journey there and was a good chance to see how “real” Jamaicans live. The falls were amazing and a lot bigger than I expected. Quite tired after the journey back, it seemed to last forever.

Go down to breakfast in my bikini and sarong as usual but soon go and get changed as it’s raining (or as they call it LIQUID SUNSHINE) and the temp has dropped. Start joining in with Name That Tune, if you get one correct you win a bean! We don’t do too bad with the help of Remekie giving us extra beans, somehow we end up playing pictionary with the entertainment team.
I’ll introduce them to you now, as they feature quite alot in my holiday. They are:
REMEKIE- very funny, very good looking and charming, a good friend.
MARK- little, cute and fitness freek.
JIGGY- star of the shows, a great girl.
KEDENE- really friendly, always made an effort.
WAYNE- great laugh, fantastic personality, very hot.
TASHA-LEE- really nice, always smiling.
NICOLA- a great girl, always there for a chat.
MANI- bit of a whimp but a good guy.
SHARLENE- good to talk to.
NARDA- great fun.
All fantastic and love them all!!!
Back to report- It’s girls v boys, me, Michelle (my sister), Sarah, Jiggy, Sharlene, Tasha-lee, Nicola, Kinger and Aldonia, against Remekie, Mani and 2 other guys, of course the girls won. I drew the last picture but don’t think it was due to my artistic skills! First time I really spoke to Remekie, he seems really nice. (v.cute) It’s family night in the disco, spend most of the night dancing and talking with Remekie.

Good start to the day as I play the Jamaica trivia quiz. (Wayne is asking the questions) I get most of them right and Wayne asks if I’m Jamaican??? I win! (obviously) A necklace and bracelet. Do the aqua aerobic’s (taught by Mark) then go to the gym as that’s where Mark is for the week, although don’t do much exersize on the machines!!! “The nightclub Margaritaville, come!” Go to Witches as usual, a bit bored.

Start drinking early today as Michelle and I do the rum mixology course, which is run by Kedene. We make our own cocktails and if people don’t drink your cocktail, you have to drink it. Mine was quite strong and yes, I had to drink most of it! Well feeling rather jolly and it’s only 2:00pm, Kedene gets us up on stage for the Jamaican dance class, although I think some of my moves may be a little too much for a family resort! It’s the Jamaican night beach party and after the show they try and get people on stage. My sister was filming for Mark, so she got out of it but I could hear Jiggy shouting me so as I’m not scared and a little show off, I went on stage and danced with Jiggy. Went to the disco, ended up with Remekie when Michelle went to bed, I end up going to bed about 3:00am.

Spend most of the day sitting around talking to Kinger, Aldonia (2 sisters from Canada), Remekie, Mark, Wayne, Samantha (from Philadelphia) and Natalie (from Cardiff). Go and play vollyball, not very good at it but it was still fun.Go up to the disco with Kinger, Aldonia, Natalie and Samantha, we show everyone else how to dance!

YYYYYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! And what a better way to spend it, in the most fun place in the world with such fantastic people! First when go down by the pool, Kinger and Aldonia sing happy birthday, then 5 minutes later Nicola is singing it on the microphone and I’m on stage being hugged by Samantha, Natalie and everyone from the entertainment team. I know this is going to be a great day! Do the Name That Tune with Kinger, Aldonia, Michelle, Natalie and Remekie, Jiggy is handing out the beans and I’m determined to win, we all sing along to the songs as we know most of them……………………………………………..WE WON! Some bottles of rum and some shoes!
In the afternoon Remekie gets me, Michelle and Kinger on stage to do the dance competition. (When he shouts pina colada you dance with your partner, beer you dance with another man and mudslide your partner picks you up.) It’s down to me and Kinger and I win! Hey it’s my birthday, I deserve to. Kedene comes on stage and sings happy birthday to me on the microphone. This time I have the whole hotel joining in. All day I have people saying happy birthday. It’s the PJ PARTY and I’ve heard they can be quite wild, Jiggy (once again) shouts me to go and get a partner, then the next thing I know Kedene has got me doing sexual positions with Remekie. (v.embarassing) We don’t win but it’s ok because my mate, Ollie won. Spent the whole night dancing. A birthday I will never forget!

Recovering from last night, spent the day hanging out with Remekie, Natalie, Nicola, Wayne, Michelle, Samantha, Ollie, Hannah, Andrew, Steve and Jiggy. Karaoke night again, I don’t sing but Remekie does a fantastic version of “I Want To Know What Love Is”. Jiggy and I were there cheering for him. Danced all night long and even got Wayne to dance.

We were meant to go to Negril but Michelle was too ill, so I was with new Jamaican family all morning!
That night Michelle was tired so I was with Remekie until 1:30am.

Upstairs playing pool with Natalie, Remekie, Jiggy and Wayne for a while then went to say bye to Ollie, Hannah and Steve. Can’t believe that will be me tommorow, I really don’t want to go, I feel so at home. Spend a lot of time with everyone today (did most of time) but this is my last day. They do the musical “Grease” and Mark, Remekie and Wayne look great in their leather jackets with the collars turned up. When they finished, they all came out one by one. I sat right in front of them and cheered for them all but what was really nice was that Wayne saw me, looked in my eyes and blew a kiss straight at me, bless him. Monday was most of the entertainers day off, so the night was spent saying goodbye to them, Remekie says he will come in to say bye but not sure he will.

My last day! I could stay forever, I’m going to miss everyone so much. Sat on the stage with Mark and Kedene. Natalie and Samantha were there to say bye, they didn’t want me to go either. At 12:00, Samantha told me to turn around and walking over was Remekie……………WOW, can’t believe he came in on his day off to say goodbye to us all. At 1:00pm we sat in the waiting area with my sister and Remekie. The bus would be here in 5 minutes, I promised myself I wouldn’t cry and I’ve done well so far! The bus arrives and Remekie puts our cases on and as I gave him a hug goodbye, I knew I would never forget him, he made my holiday special.
As I left Jamaica, I was already planning and thinking about when I can go back. Met so many people there, it is a very friendly laid back hotel. I will definately see more of the Island next time and stay in Negril. It’s a special place and I left a piece of my heart there, I found my second home in Jamaica. Had wanted to go since I was 9 years old and thought when I did it would cure my obsession, it didn’t. It only fueled it! I’ll be back someday!