Jamaica Travel Advice Q & A: Is traveling around Jamaica North Coast safe? I will be traveling alone during the Spring Break period…Should I drive or get a cab?

We asked our facebook fans to help answer a question submitted to us by email: “Help answer a Jamaica Travel question from an email we received: Is traveling around Jamaica North Coast safe? I will be traveling alone during the Spring Break period and I have heard horror stories about people that are traveling around the area on their own. Should I drive or get a cab?”

B. Farris – If you look and act like CIA then you will be treated like CIA.everywhere on the planet is dangerous.stupid is as stupid does.if you go there and wind up dead at least you died in a beautiful place.

K. Fire -  If ur gonna be staying in Kingston before traveling to the North Coast, the Knutsford Express is always a good thing for u to try, its very economical. But, I’m sure u want to experience the North Coast…so hiring a taxi is always good

M. Brown -  I would say not a good idea at least have a local as a guide any other answer would be irresponsible

N. Davies -   Jamaica is an amazing place!! Safe is a state of mind.

D. Keniston -  local tour is always best, they know how to get around and you dont have the worry of driving.

D. Keniston -  but Jam is a safe place, just like any where else, you have some people that may not like you there. but all in all the people are nice and friendly across the island,

J. Johnson – Listen to me y’all need to stop bringing Jamaica down, and let me remind u that crime and violence is NOT in any way unique to Jamaica it’s a problem of EVERY country. All u have to do is cum to Jamaica and have a wonderful time. And u can always stay at the Discovery Bay Marine Lab, which is owned and operated by U.W.I.

A.  Barrett – Jamaica is a little paradise. Cant blame you for your fears and concern, but be assured, you can travel anywhere in Jamaica and its ok. Just as with any visitor to any country, its best to have a local family, friend or guide be with you, not just for safety but wisdom depicts you do. (singing) Come to Jamaica and feel alright. Evertyhing ‘irie’.

J. Kyger – My Fiance and I are coming to Jamaica on the 19th and we are SO excited!!! We are staying at the Whitehouse and are hoping to get out and see the local culture and take in some sights….YS Falls, possibly the rum factory and maybe a day trip to Negril…cant wait to celebrate our honeymoon in an exotic place we have never been to before!!!!… sorry…getting married on the 19th….coming on the 20th!!!!

S. Brown -  I go to Jamaica every year and there is only one person I trust to drive me around. He is located in Montego Bay. Please let me know if his contact information is needed. He will even drive you around in your rented car. He has been driving tourists for over 25 years.

S. Brown – Forgot to mention that he is with JUTA – the Jamaican Union of Travelers Association.

J. Garnatz -  I landed in MoBay 3 yrs ago on vacation and immediately rented a car which I drove alone along the North Coast and direct into New Kingston since there were no more connecting flights to the capital. Crime is everywhere so u never know when or where or if you`re gonna hv bad luck.

J. Garnatz  – There is a very friendly registered driver based in Ocho Rios I used last year. He took me to Mo Bay, to Dias Hanover, and to Oracabessa.


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