Dunn’s River Waterfalls Beach

Below the famous Dunn’s River Waterfalls, the river meets the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean, and visitors can enjoy the excellent Dunn’s River Beach. In addition to marveling at the sight, visitors can climb to the top of the falls, swim in its whirlpools, or just enjoy the view.

Dunn’s River Beach is the perfect location for an escape from daily stress and pressure. It offers a pleasing mix of social opportunities coupled with romantic isolation. Since Dunn’s River Beach is close to Ocho Rios, exploring the town the another attractive activity that can be easily accomplished.

Visitors to Dunn’s River Beach will enjoy beautiful Jamaican scenery and an authentic island beach experience. The size of the crowds varies with the season and time of day, and beachgoers generally share the space with guests from nearby hotels. Be aware that Dunn’s River Beach can become very crowded when cruise ships are in port, so if a more secluded beach experience is desired, a beach visit should be scheduled around the cruise ship schedule.

Visitors to Dunn’s River Beach can dine right on the sand – either by purchasing food from local vendors on the way to the beach, or by requesting that a picnic be packed by the hotel in which they are staying. Most hotels are happy to provide this service, which greatly adds to the overall beach experience.

Each beach in Jamaica has its own personality, and the scenery and activity options available at Dunn’s River Beach make it a must-see for any serious beachgoer!