Kids' Guide to Jamaica

Eating in Jamaica

Jamaica is famous for their great tasting food and cooking. Jamaican Jerk seasoning is famous around the world and loved by visitors to the island. Jamaican food is usually spicy. Typical lunch and dinner are large meals and last for at least an hour.

Here is a typical Jamaicans Breakfast
The Main dish is either Liver, Ackee & saltfish (codfish), Mackerel or Red Herring served with any or all of the following, fried dumpling, fried bammy, boiled banana, boiled dumpling and yam.

Here is a typical Jamaican Lunch
Patty and cocoa bread, Grotto Bread, Bun and cheese, Meat loaf, box lunch – which is a smaller version of a Jamaican dinner.

Here is a typical Jamaican Dinner
Curry Chicken, Curry Shrimp, Escovitch Fish, Steam Fish, Oxtails, Stew Peas, Stew Pork, Tripe and Beans, Cow feet. Steam Beef cabbage with either salt fish or Corn Beef. Curry Goat may be served, but it mostly reserved for Sunday Dinners or special occasions.

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