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Christian leaders in Jamaica are letting their voices be heard on the proposed amendments to the Jamaican Constitution and whether it will lead to the acceptance of homosexual marriage. The government in response has said that it has no intentions to decriminalize homosexuality or pave the way for same-sex marriages through the adoption of a Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

“According to the National Church Alliance, that is comprised of the Jamaica Council of Churches, the Association of Evangelicals, Jamaica Full Gospel Churches, Western Union of Seventh-day Adventists and the Church of God in Jamaica, the vague language of the Charter could lead to the acceptance of consensual homosexual acts and allow judges to take activist positions and create policy without public accountability.” (Jamaica Observer).

Every disciple of God should minister online.

In a changing world it appears that more Jamaican people are becoming tolerant of homosexual practices. From prostitution, pornography, to sexual abuse we have entered a point in our history where homosexual culture is more blatant in our society. The entertainment and fashion industries are soliciting innocent youths and trapping them for use in the sex trade. Christian disciples have arisen in this difficult age of sin and rebellion to recognize that there has to be a better way to minister to homosexuals about this difficult topic of sexuality without joining the ranks of those who would kill gays dead without wanting to save their souls.

In Christian ministry believers who are stronger in the faith have many opportunities daily, to not only feel the pain of the sinner; but they must be willing to help the bewildered to safety. Through the help of God, I know that Internet Christian Ministry can be a personal mission to helping others confused by sex culture. In applying e-ministry to my personal mission as a believer in Jesus, I continuously pray about the evil stronghold of Internet porn, HIV/AIDS Cases, Mental, Drug, and Sexual Abuse and the devastating impact they are having on the children of God.

In continuing to share personally the message of God via e-mail, I have met individuals online who are having a difficult time serving the purpose of the Holy Spirit. One brother, his is a case of getting involved with homosexuality while being in the dorms at College. He went home and eventually became a teacher and found himself going to church but not being able to resist his sexual urges. Soon he became involved with a church leader. I e-mailed him, counseled him that God’s wisdom was sufficient and prayed for him. He said many times he felt like killing himself because of his addictions to immoral sex.

It is difficult reading the mail sometimes from would-be strangers, yet in all this I am moved to tears from time to time. I cannot believe so many persons are getting lost in sin without a care for the word of God and in many cases there is nothing I can do to help but offer the word of God and pray for them. The protective wisdom and supreme words on sexuality come from God and if man would just heed the words of the bible he wouldn’t be defeated by drug addiction, sexual sins and be thrown into hell or be dying of HIV/AIDS.

Through Internet Ministry believers become united.

Today I am a believer in the power of Christian e-ministry, many of the people I have met online have shared that they are happy that the message of repentance is being spoken online. The most encouraging points of e-ministry for Christ Jesus is when Christians become united and persons struggling with sin seek to change their lives through repentance.

There was this sister who I interacted with at Black Planet, she was a Christian believer who was not involved in the church. She struggled with relationship issues. But the more we interacted about the Kingdom of God and the potential of Christ returning soon, the more she became motivated to serve God. Since then she has fully committed her life to Christ, now she is baptized and got involved in Church youth ministry.

There is good and evil in this world, you and I have to decide to use every opportunity we get in life to do good. Test the spirit and think good things about people, even people who you do not like their ways, find ways to love them and keep interceding, prayerfully seeking Gods intervention in their lives. Send an encouraging e-mail to someone who is hurting today!

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