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My Jamaican Vacation

Just came back from a (2)week vacation in Jamaica and I enjoyed mostly every minute of it. The only thing that I didn’t like was that every call I made home had to be collect, and that there was a $2 charge just to be connected to a international operator. Calling home became a real challenge. Also I went with (5) women and that was the real challenge. Besides that I had a great time; we started out in Negril at a all inclusive resort (The Point) where I think I gained about 5 pounds from all the food and drink. Lots of jerk chicken, red strip and not to mention rum punch!

Everyone was so friendly, I went kayaking, snorkeling, etc. I even checked out the resort’s nude beach, (but I kept my suit on!). After Negril we went to SpanishTown, (we ate all the way there, stopping every 15 minutes for fish and festival, jerk chicken, souvenirs & Guinness beer. Every Jamaican man said that I must be real strong because I drunk Guinness, I told them that I am, haha) in Spanish Town we stayed with my boyfriends aunt, (I didn’t mention that he’s Jamaican, although he didn’t make the trip with me.) We hit a local beach, Helshire Beach which I think is famous for the fish/festival. One night we went to Kingston to a club, the Asylum which was a little disappointing, I was expecting to hear a lot more reggae then what they played. But it was fun anyway.

Another night we went another club call Cactus, this place was live! They played real dance hall music, and it was a birthday bash for Merciless. I may not have been your average tourist, I have been around my boyfriends family for the past 4 years so some things aren’t so new to me. But going to Jamaica just pulled everything together, I wasn’t just a tourist, I was finding out more about my extended family’s culture and background. My boyfriend and I plan to go to Jamaica next year; he hasn’t been there 15 years, so I’m sure he will find it as interesting and fun as I did.

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