Evening Time

Come Miss Claire
Tek de bankra off yu head mi dear,
Evening breeze a blow,
Come dis way Miss Flo.

Help down yah,
Afta yu no beas’ a burd’n mah.
Ress yuh self at ease,
Feel di evenin’ breeze.

Evenin’ time,
Work is over now is evenin’ time,
Wih deh walk pon mountain,
Deh walk pan mountain,
Deh walk pan mountain side.
Meck we cook wih bickle pan dih way,
Meck wih eat an sing,
Dance an play ring ding
Pan dih mountain side.

Ketch up dih fire Ma’hta
Pass me dih gungo peas,
Rub up dih flour Sarah – Lawd!
Feel di evenin’ breeze

Sound Clip: Evening Time

Special Note: Evening time has been mistaken as a old Jamaican folk song but this piece was written and used as the opening song in the Pantomime "Busha Bluebeard" in 1949.a Personal Authorship. Music by Barbara Ferland and Lyrics by Louise Bennett.