12 Questions for an Expat in Jamaica – Alina Apostol from Romania talks about living in Jamaica

Alina Apostol is a psychotherapist, astrologer and family constellation facilitator, living and working in Kingston, Jamaica. She is certified in clinical hypnosis and family therapy and her deepest passion has been psychological astrology. She works with individuals, couples and groups, hosts astrology workshops and facilitates constellation work. Alina tells us about her experience as an Expat in Jamaica, including advice to other  who may consider moving to the island. What are Alina’s likes and dislikes about Jamaica? Find out in our conversation with Alina Apostol.

Where are you from originally?
I am originally from Romania, but I have lived in Ireland for two years before moving to Jamaica.

Why did you end up living in Jamaica?
Life is full of surprises and Jamaica came into my life when I needed very much a change. All I was praying for something that we’ll change my life and in a matter of months, my partner was offered a job here. So I received what I needed and wanted.

What do you like the most about Jamaica?
For me Jamaica is more than a place to live, it is an adoptive land that allowed me to find myself and to live as my true self. I would be a different person probably if I would have stayed in Europe. I like most the people, their trust in me as a therapist. I also feel very attracted to the feminine energy that I feel on this island.


What you like the least about Jamaica?
The lack of freedom and the lack of choices. I’d like to be able to walk everywhere and feel safe, I’d love to have here the things from back home – small boutiques, tea houses, lots of workshops and learning experiences.

What is your funniest experiences in Jamaica?
My wedding, which wasn’t plan at all. We were a bunch of people going to Frenchman’s Cove to get married 🙂 It was funny and it was the best day of my life, although very different from what anyone would expect from a wedding day.

What was the biggest adjustment you had to make living Jamaica?
I had to let go of all my expectations and learned to be open and curious with every new experience.

Your favorite Jamaican food is…
Banana cake 🙂

Your favorite Jamaican attraction is…
Hard to pick just one; I definitely love the beach in Port Antonio and the one in Treasure Beach. I would also recommend Nanook to everyone visiting Jamaica.

What is the thing you miss the most when you leave Jamaica?
I am about to leave Jamaica for the summer, and to be very honest I will miss the most my husband 🙂 The white sand, the beach, the laid back mood, my friends here.

What advice would you offer to an expat moving to Jamaica?
Jamaica is offering a cleansing experience to those used to a more dynamic, materialistic, always on the run way of living. The sun, the weather, the weekend which is always like a mini holiday, the people that you meet here, they all change your life rhythm. So an expat moving here should be aware that Jamaica will make an impact on their life and if they embrace the experience and they flow with the energy here, in the end they will receive much more than ever expected. It will not be easy in the first 2-3 months, depending where the person comes from but an open mind and a curious soul will very well adapt on the island.

Thanks for your time. Any closing thoughts?
Since I came here, I did my best to ground myself and to share with others the work that I do. The way I thank Jamaica for everything my husband and I receive here is through sharing the Constellation Work that I do, and from the research I did, I am probably the only therapist that offers Ancestral Healing or Family Constellation Healing on the island. So as a closing thought, I recommend anyone living here to come and experience this amazing work that heals the entanglements in the family systems and helps anyone to live more free, authentic and happy.

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