Explore Jamaica

First of all, I am a Black/American born citizen and I have traveled to Jamaica many times but when I first came to Jamaica, I stayed at the Holiday Inn Sunspree Hotel in Mobay. I decided to go on a tour bus to downtown Mobay with a friendgirl of mine that came on the trip with me to Jamaica. Well, the man who was driving the bus told my friendgirl and I not to go in the midst of downtown because we could get robbed but knowing the two of us, we wanted to explore so we went where he told us not to go. Dangerous? Maybe, but we took our chances. We met two seemingly nice guys who escorted us around, this was three years ago and to this day we still keep in contact with them because of the gracious hosts they were.

I’m not saying for everyone to take chances like we did but I find the Jamaican people to be very warm, heart loving and caring people. The Island of Jamaica is very beautiful and the food is great! I have visited many places and met many, many people because I am a very friendly person.

I have been to Negril, Ocho Rios, St. Ann, Santa Cruz, Black River and many other places and of course I go speed boating because I love the ocean. The best part I love about Jamaica is that I found a wonderful, wonderful man there, he is definitely God sent. We got married this past March and we had a beautiful wedding. My Jamaican husband is the gentle kind and loving. He respects me alot. I advise anyone that has never been to Jamaica to go because you have a real good time. May God continue to bless this country and my blessings go out to Prime Minister P.J. Patterson, for making this country an even better place for the people of Jamaica to live. God is truly in this country, I feel God’s presense there everytime I go. Thank you Jamaica for opening your hearts to me everytime I’ve been there. Jamaica, No Problem, Love You All – One Love