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Fairy Hill Beach (AKA Winnifred Beach)

Fairy Hill Beach(AKA Winnifred Beach) gives visitors to Jamaica the chance to experience an uncrowded beach location. Located near Port Antonio, Fairy Hill beach can be reached via a steep road that deters many tourists. The waters of Fairy Hill beach are perfect for snorkeling – clean and calms – and there are many opportunities to explore fascinating lagoons. Another plus for visitors to Fairy Hill beach is the availability of fresh water from a spring to wash away the salt after swimming in the sea.

While less crowded than many other Jamaican beaches, Fairy Hill beach is still close to many of the island’s attractions and activities. One of the neighboring landmarks is the Goblin Hill Villas at San San, just 1.6 miles away on the east coast. Being so close to Port Antonio makes Fairy Hill beach the perfect jumping-off place for a trip to town as well.

Accommodations are varied, although there are not many large hotels in the immediate area. Some of the closest hotels include the Goblin Hill Villas at San San, 1.6 miles, 28 rooms; Jamaica Palace Hotel, 2.5 miles, 80 rooms; Strawberry Hill, 23.1 mile, 14 rooms;

Christar Villas, 27.9 miles, 42 rooms; Hilton Kingston, 29.2 miles, 300 rooms; Courtleigh Hotel and Suites, 29.4 miles, 132 rooms; and Jamaica Pegasus, 29.5 miles, 310 rooms.


Fairy Hill beach offers an informal ambience with a wide sandy area perfect for beach lounging. The small offshore reef provides a great location for snorkeling and swimming in protected waters. There is a small eatery operated by local that offers casual lunches on the shore as well. Crowds vary according to time of day and time of year, but on the whole, Fairy Hill beach offers a good mix of tourists and locals. One local eatery serves outstanding lunches so visitors can enjoy a truly traditional Jamaican meal. Guests at Fairy Hill beach can also try the excellent French dining options at the Blue Mountain Inn, located some 24 miles away. And many hotels will pack a picnic for their guests to enjoy right on the sand.

Fairy Hill beach is close to several natural and historical island attractions to round out a visit.  Athenry Gardens, located 2.5 miles to the southwest of the beach, can be a great part of your vacation. For those interested in the history of Jamaica, a visit to the  Lighthouse in Port Antonio, located 4.3 miles to the west, is a good option. Other interesting natural attractions close to Fairy Hill beach include Rio Grande Rafting (6.9 miles to the southwest), Somerset Falls (10.8 miles west), and Blue Mountain-John Crow National Park      (16 miles to the southwest).

A visit to Fairy Hill beach will likely satisfy everyone.

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