Farewell Bruckins Queen

The Board of Commissioners, Management and staff of the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission salutes the indelible work of Mrs. Dainty Browning Stewart, a talented traditional folk forms Bruckins dancer who fervently demonstrated her love and passion for Jamaica’s culture and heritage. Mrs. Stewart died on June 9, 2015.

The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) celebrates the sterling cultural contributions made by Mrs. Stewart who was a devoted member of the Manchioneal Cultural Group for over 30 years. With every rhythmic movement and energetic steps, she brought life, beauty and flair to Bruckins a traditional folk forms, which was formerly done to commemorate the Emancipation of slaves on August 1, 1838.

Mrs. Stewart began entering JCDC festival in the areas of speech and music. She has been a very dynamic member of the Manchioneal Cultural Group since its inception in 1976. Since then, she has performed at many national events and toured with the group to USA and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

According to Mr. Delroy Gordon, Executive Director, “on many occasions the Commission utilized her knowledge and expertise as resource personnel for its traditional folk forms workshops which benefitted many persons which strengthened the preservation of many traditional dances.” He further added that, “with this involvement many Jamaicans benefitted from her wealth of knowledge which contributed tremendously to the preservation of Bruckins and other traditional forms in Jamaica.”

The Commission will continue to keep her memories alive and the heritage in dance that she has bequeathed to us and remain steadfast in its zeal and commitment to promote and preserve the traditional folk forms.

Jamaica has lost an exceptional and talented Jamaican woman who was a cultural stalwart and extraordinary traditional folk form dancer. She served the JCDC and by extension the country with distinction at home and abroad in all areas of public life with utmost professionalism and courage.
Again, we salute Mrs. Stewart and we say well done to a great Jamaican patriot. Sleep on and take your rest. May her soul through the mercy of God, Rest in Peace.

Mrs. Stewart was buried on June 21, 2015.